Containers have become the go-to technology for application developers. It’s one thing to experiment or run a POC on a set of servers, but taking Kubernetes to production for the critical applications in your enterprise comes with a number of challenges. 

Who is going to own the strategy and design the system? Where are you going to run Kubernetes: public cloud? on-premises? bare metal? hybrid cloud? How are you going to manage multiple clusters, the latest updates, and upgrades? What are some of the storage considerations? What about monitoring, logging, troubleshooting, capacity planning, ensuring HA, and backups??

All of that and more will be discussed by three experts in Kubernetes deployments: 

  • Shailesh Manjrekar, Head of AI at WekaIO
  • Ronen Dar, CTO and co-founder at Run:AI
  • Kyle Rome, Center of Excellence Director - Americas at SUSE at Rancher